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What is PronoKal?

The PronoKal® PnK Method is a meal-replacement diet for rapid weight-loss and resolution of lipoinflammation.

  • Unique multidisciplinary team approach, supervised by a doctor
  • Assistance from nutritionists, with motivational support
  • Online personal trainer
  • Lose fat not muscle

Losing Weight Is Not Easy

Losing weight is not easy, which is why PronoKal has undertaken many clinical studies and has used independent research to ensure the PnK Method brings you all the advantages of the latest advances in nutrition.

Meal Replacement

PronoKal has developed meal-replacement products that contain high biological quality protein. Only in this way can we guarantee delivery of the protein necessary to protect your muscle. In the initial phase, you will eat between 4 and 6 products per day, depending on individual requirements. The diet also includes vegetables with lunch and supper.

Supplementation provides 100% of the adult daily requirements of vitamins and minerals plus omega-3 fish oil.

In this way, PronoKal avoids the need to be calculating your food intake each day. You can rely on receiving all your daily requirements from the PronoKal products.

Rapid Weight Loss

PronoKal removes almost all the fat and carbohydrate from its nutrition products, making it a very low calorie diet. This leads to rapid weight loss*:

  • Around 1 stone (5-7 kg) in the first month in women.
  • Around 1½ stone (9-11 kg) in the first month in men.

Read a summary of the research on rapid weight loss here


Motivation is essential to be able to stick to a diet. The rate of weight loss is itself a great source of motivation – you see the results quickly, and you know you will reach your target weight sooner than with other diets. And because of the very low carbohydrate content of the PnK products, the body is obliged to burn fats, inducing a state of ketosis. Ketosis is associated with a feeling of wellbeing and reduced sensations of hunger, making it easier to stick to the diet.

Additionally, members of the PronoKal multidisciplinary team are trained in motivational support, ready to encourage you and help you through any difficult moments.

Protection of Muscle

To achieve greatest diet efficacy, you want to lose fat not muscle. Muscle is a healthy tissue that burns many more calories than fat, even when you’re lying in bed. Loss of muscle will make it harder to keep the weight off once you reach your target weight.

Muscle preservation requires protein, micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and exercise. The nutrient content of the PnK Method is carefully controlled to provide protein intake adapted to your individual requirements, plus supplementation that delivers 100% of the daily recommended intake of vitamins and minerals for adults.

The protocol also includes an exercise programme based on evidence from scientific journals, designed to protect muscle.


Overweight and obesity provoke a state of inflammation in the body, known as lipoinflammation. This is one of the main factors explaining the association between obesity and certain chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer.

PronoKal has developed and patented “Protein-DHA”, included in all its food products; Protein-DHA plus PronoKal’s proprietary omega-3 supplementation has been shown in clinical trials to reduce inflammation, decreasing the risk of these disease.

Read more about lipoinflammation here

Prevention of Weight Regain

Everyone knows that losing weight is only part of the story. Without measures to prevent weight regain, all your effort will be wasted. The PnK Method includes a dietary re-education phase to help you understand of the principles of a healthy diet and lifestyle, so you will be able to keep your weight stable in the long-term. And we perform follow-up for 2 years after you achieve your target weight to make sure any weight regain is detected early and help provided.

For more detailed information on the PnK Method, see my blog article here

Dr Bazire’s role

Dr Bazire is the Medical Director of PronoKal UK and has treated over 300 patients using the PnK Method. After many years prescribing the diet, Dr Bazire has developed a deep understanding of the processes involved and of how to make weight loss as simple as possible. Dr Bazire is PronoKal UK’s official trainer for doctors wishing to prescribe the PnK Method in the UK. He is therefore ideally placed to provide you with the best advice for performing the diet.

The loss of fat rather than muscle is very important for successful weight loss. Dr Bazire performs body composition analysis using the latest bioimpedance technology by Tanita to monitor the quality of your weight loss.

Request a call-back by Dr Bazire to talk to him to find out how the PnK Method can help you achieve your goals. If you decide to go ahead, at your first appointment Dr Bazire will ensure you have a full understanding of the programme, will perform a health assessment, including baseline body composition analysis, and will request any tests that may be required to ensure the safety and efficacy of the programme.

*Stated rates of weight loss are based on clinical trials in patients with obesity (average BMI, 35), but cannot be guaranteed

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