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Weight Loss Clinic in Birmingham

Lose weight naturally, gain confidence and enjoy a healthy lifestyle…

Do you want to look good and feel great?

We help people who get stuck with real life issues

Diets that take too long or simply fail

Excess weight is affecting your relationship or your career

Stress and lack of time hamper your efforts

You can’t live life to the full because of diabetes, heart disease, arthritis…

Weight-loss surgery is high risk

Other diet solutions on offer don’t give you confidence

You’re not alone and not to blame!

Food options and lifestyle changes are having a huge impact on our lives and it’s hard to lose weight without the right guidance.
With our medically led team, we can help…

& Plan

We analyse where you are now and agree a planned weight target that can be simply tracked over a defined period of time.


We prepare a nutrition plan specifically for you that evolves as you progress through your weight-loss journey, without you feeling hungry.


Change can be tough, but we provide support to help you reach your personal goals.

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Health through Weight and Lifestyle Management

We'll help you transform yourself 

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Achieve Your Target Weight

After detailed discussion with Dr Bazire, we will provide you with an individualised diet and lifestyle plan, helping you along the journey with constructive support.

Lead An Active & Healthy Lifestyle

You’ll feel completely revitalised and energised, ready to take on life in a new and fulfilling way.

What Makes Our Weight Loss Plan So Different?

Our medically controlled approach can help you achieve a rational attitude to weight loss. We look at why you have gained weight, not just predetermined ways to lose it. Through an evaluation of your medical history and of how your environment affects you, we develop an individualised programme and give you full support on your weight-loss journey, helping you take a positive step towards lasting change in your life.

The world has changed...

It is plain to see that our lifestyles and environment have changed dramatically:

  • We are too busy to take care of our diet and to exercise…even to sleep adequately
  • Supermarkets increasingly offer convenience foods that contain more salt, sugar and fat
  • Fruit is picked well before it is ripe, robbing us of valuable nutrients
  • Foods full of sugar are advertised as healthy
  • Excessive portions are the norm
  • The list goes on…



On top of that, technology allows us to shop without leaving home, improved transport infrastructure means we hardly have to walk anywhere, and entertainment is delivered straight to our living rooms.

And we haven’t even mentioned comfort eating and drinking.

No wonder excess weight is the number one problem in the UK according to the NHS (https://www.nhs.uk/news/obesity/obesity-now-a-leading-cause-of-death-especially-in-men/).

So how do we help?

We start by analysing your lifestyle and undertaking a full medical evaluation. This allows us to understand your background, physical health, weight-related conditions, your relationship with food and your approach to exercise. Using our findings, we design a plan to help you get where you want to be. This will include diet plans, with supplementation as required, and lifestyle changes that will help you achieve rapid and effective weight loss, leading to a healthy lifestyle that you will be able to maintain in the long term. Should medication be required to treat intercurrent conditions, this will be discussed with you.

The great thing is, there are ways to do all of this without being hungry and, while exercise is essential, it doesn’t have to be daunting.

What will happen?

The rate of weight loss is tailored to your situation, though we would usually recommend more rapid weight loss. For some time, clinical trials have been showing that rapid weight loss is more motivating than slow weight loss and that it is not associated with any greater risk of long-term weight regain. You will feel energised and positive about the changes that are happening. As the weight comes off, we train you in healthy eating and lifestyle habits that will empower you to make the right choices to maintain your desired weight.

The results…

Our clients have reported that they feel much better about their bodies, with increased energy, a healthier feeling, and a great boost to their self-esteem.

This can help tackle issues of depression, stress, feeling lethargic and hiding yourself away from the world.


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